8 Best Thrills, Spills and Stickability videos


 So I have been browsing youtube and watching thrills and spills videos whilst I was looking for some inspiration for my next blog post, when I suddenly thought I should bring to you the best cases of serious falls and saddle glue that I can find on YouTube. (Sadly I can only post the links up, not the actual video itself)


1. Andrew Nicholson defying gravity

2. Rick Wallace and some serious Stickability

3. General Compilation

4. Horse or cat?

5. You thought horses are elegant?

6. Showjumping Thrills and mainly spills

7. Refusing to walk through a puddle

I think I have formed a sympathy bruise for all riders and horses involved...

Written by Eve
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Men's Summer Clothing for 2013

Last post we talked about Women's 2013 Summer clothing, but now it's time for the men to see which clothing is out there for them to look hotter than the heatwave! From show stopping polos to casual breeches, there is bound to be something here for every male rider looking to spice up their equestrian clothing drawer.

1. Men's Ralph Lauren custom polo

Choose what you want your own Ralph Lauren polo to look like. Unlike the women's you can choose to have the dual match pony! Choose from an array of different emblem and shirt colours to make the perfect polo just for you.

2. Ariat stable polo top

 Ariat makes attractive, well made and sturdy polos, tees and fleeces (luckily we wont be needing those anytime soon....) that make a loud statement of equestrian fashion. The stable polo is perfect for days on the yard and is very flattering to the male body.

Buy Ariat stable polo from Equestrian clearance

3. Hac tac polo top

This top is fun, flattering and airy, exactly what you need in a Summertime polo. Perfect for schooling horses, leisurely hacking and mucking out this polo is a staple wardrobe filler.

Buy hac tac polo from Equestrian Clearance

4. Townend Limerick Men's Breeches

I love the colour of these breeches, a flattering light brown. Featured on this pair of breeches are pleats on the front for an ease of movement when riding. There are side pockets and a back pocket with metal button fastening. Look good and feel comfortable with this essential pair of breeches.

Buy Limerick Men's breeches from Derby House

5. Horze rain kneepants

These kneepants are essential show-stopping showgear. These white breeches are exactly what you are searching for.

6. Ariat Bromont H2O long boots

The essentian tall boots, we all need them. So why not make it Ariat? These would look perfect paired with the above kneepants and this particular pair are not insulated so are perfect for using in this heat.


Women's Summer clothing 2013

It's finally Summer! After an excruciatingly long wait through snow and rain, we have been rewarded with sun and tan. To make the most of our amazing stroke of good weather I have compiled some fabulous clothes for you to look hot to trot in - We're not horsing around either!
 (Click on any link found underneath each item to buy online today!)

1. Ariat Taryn polo

Ariat is a perfect summer company. Their clothing is airy and perfect for Summer and can stretch even to winter. Each polo is very versatile, and has the ability to go with nearly every colour of breech or jodhpur. You'd be crazy to miss it!

Below are the three available colours. Fuschia, Green and Navy.

Buy fuchsia polo at Naylors
Buy green polo at Naylors
Buy navy polo at Naylors

2. Toggi Etienne Ladies Polo Shirt

Look perfect in pink! It has a bright loud white, navy and pink colour that looks beautifully feminine. It's a pastel paradise! Be sure to turn the heads of both horse and rider!

Buy Etienne polo from Robinsons equestrian

3. Toggi Tilly polo

Owning this particular polo myself in turquoise, it is my top favourite polo to wear. I personally like wearing it paired up with either black or beige checked breeches and black tall boots/chaps. Perfectly airy and looks splendid with any size and shape woman

 Buy Tilly polo from Robinson's equestrian here

4. Ralph Lauren create your own polo.

You cannot go wrong with some Ralph Lauren on you! Look perfectly preppy while sporting an exquisite equestrian look by creating your very own custom Ralph Lauren polo. They are well worth the price. This garment is perfect for everyday leisure riding. Screen shotted below is a polo I created.

Buy Ralph Lauren custom polo

5. Harry Hall foyle polo

The most alluring thing about this polo is its bold, statement block colour. This allows you to wear more out there breeches to make a statement at the stable.

Buy Harry Hall Foyle polo from Go Outdoors

6. Ladies Musto esteem breeches

Wear either of these breeches paired up with any of the polos above - acheive a perfect style and look absolutely fabulous for the coming Sunny Summer months.

Buy Musto Esteem Breeches from Ride Away

Written by Eve

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10 Pieces Of Perfect Equine Themed Items!

Here at Inside Rein we adore all things equine, so in appreciation of horses, we have brought to you, 10 horse themed items!

1. Pyrrha 'Small Horse' Necklace from So Charming.
 I love Pyrrha, and I actually own this necklace. Each Pyrrha necklace is crafted from an authentic 19th Century Wax seal. The horse featured on the necklace symbolises intelligence and intuition.

2. Brat & Suzie Horse Dress from ASOS.
 This dress is perfect for casual occasions, Summer parties and barbecues, It has a feminine, floaty and flattering cut and The colours are absolutely adorable.

3.  Anorak Kissing Horses Duvet Cover and Pillow Cases from John Lewis.
 The design on the duvet cover and pillow case set is super cute and perfect for the horse lover.

4. Jonathon Aston Horse Leopard Print Stockings from John Lewis
 These stockings are perfect for showing off your love of horses! I love them and the design!

5. Whittenham Chelsea Boot from Jack Wills
 These boots are good quality and sturdy. They give the perfect equestrian look while being fashionable at the same time.

6. The Sunridge Jodhpur from Jack Wills
 This pair of jodhpurs are low rise and sit comfortably around the hips, unlike riding jodhpurs which sit high up around the waist. Both of these are comfortable but the JW ones take a more fashionable twist on it, Perhaps to be worn with the Whittenham Chelsea Boot?

7. Ben De Lisi Black Horse Head Base Lamp from Debenhams
 This lamp would look perfect sported in any equestrian lover's home. It is modern, sylish and would go with nearly any room!

8. Henry Holland Horse Jumper from Debenhams
 This jumper would be perfect sported on a leisure ride or going out with some friends for the day. No matter where you wear it, this lovely jumper just yells 'I love horses!'

9. Playmobil Dressage Horse With Box Stall from Debenhams
 This lovely play set is tailored for young children. It has a horse, dressage rider and a feeding set.

10. Pyrrha Horseshoe Talisman Necklace from So Charming.
 This particular Pyrrha piece is stunning. It features a horseshoe that symbolises protection and good luck. Each piece of Pyrrha jewelery is hand crafted from an authentic 19th century wax seal.

Thanks for reading and I hope this was useful! :)

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5 Hairstyles when Riding!

Personally, I find trying to get the right hairstyle for riding is always a dilemma. Ponytails can get boring for the people who like to do great things with their hair (including me) so here's 5 great hair styles to wear under the helmet!

1. Fishtail Plait.
 The fishtail plait is an elegant braid and I adore it's look. Also, it looks absolutely fabulous underneath a riding helmet and it's super simple!

2. French Plait.
 The french plait looks very classy and perfectly suits a riding helmet.

3. Over The Shoulder Ponytail.
 Perfect for laid back leisure riding with friends and looks gourgeous!

4. Low side Bun.
 It's just a generic bun but low and to the side! secure in place with bobby pins, hairspray and/or a hair net so you don't have an unnecessary hair problem mid canter...

5. Generic Plait.
  Over the shoulder, down your back or two draping down your shoulders, the generic plait is a comfortable and extremely attractive style when riding.

Happy riding!

Written By Eve.

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