Women's Summer clothing 2013

It's finally Summer! After an excruciatingly long wait through snow and rain, we have been rewarded with sun and tan. To make the most of our amazing stroke of good weather I have compiled some fabulous clothes for you to look hot to trot in - We're not horsing around either!
 (Click on any link found underneath each item to buy online today!)

1. Ariat Taryn polo

Ariat is a perfect summer company. Their clothing is airy and perfect for Summer and can stretch even to winter. Each polo is very versatile, and has the ability to go with nearly every colour of breech or jodhpur. You'd be crazy to miss it!

Below are the three available colours. Fuschia, Green and Navy.

Buy fuchsia polo at Naylors
Buy green polo at Naylors
Buy navy polo at Naylors

2. Toggi Etienne Ladies Polo Shirt

Look perfect in pink! It has a bright loud white, navy and pink colour that looks beautifully feminine. It's a pastel paradise! Be sure to turn the heads of both horse and rider!

Buy Etienne polo from Robinsons equestrian

3. Toggi Tilly polo

Owning this particular polo myself in turquoise, it is my top favourite polo to wear. I personally like wearing it paired up with either black or beige checked breeches and black tall boots/chaps. Perfectly airy and looks splendid with any size and shape woman

 Buy Tilly polo from Robinson's equestrian here

4. Ralph Lauren create your own polo.

You cannot go wrong with some Ralph Lauren on you! Look perfectly preppy while sporting an exquisite equestrian look by creating your very own custom Ralph Lauren polo. They are well worth the price. This garment is perfect for everyday leisure riding. Screen shotted below is a polo I created.

Buy Ralph Lauren custom polo

5. Harry Hall foyle polo

The most alluring thing about this polo is its bold, statement block colour. This allows you to wear more out there breeches to make a statement at the stable.

Buy Harry Hall Foyle polo from Go Outdoors

6. Ladies Musto esteem breeches

Wear either of these breeches paired up with any of the polos above - acheive a perfect style and look absolutely fabulous for the coming Sunny Summer months.

Buy Musto Esteem Breeches from Ride Away

Written by Eve

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