5 Hairstyles when Riding!

Personally, I find trying to get the right hairstyle for riding is always a dilemma. Ponytails can get boring for the people who like to do great things with their hair (including me) so here's 5 great hair styles to wear under the helmet!

1. Fishtail Plait.
 The fishtail plait is an elegant braid and I adore it's look. Also, it looks absolutely fabulous underneath a riding helmet and it's super simple!

2. French Plait.
 The french plait looks very classy and perfectly suits a riding helmet.

3. Over The Shoulder Ponytail.
 Perfect for laid back leisure riding with friends and looks gourgeous!

4. Low side Bun.
 It's just a generic bun but low and to the side! secure in place with bobby pins, hairspray and/or a hair net so you don't have an unnecessary hair problem mid canter...

5. Generic Plait.
  Over the shoulder, down your back or two draping down your shoulders, the generic plait is a comfortable and extremely attractive style when riding.

Happy riding!

Written By Eve.

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  1. Fantastic blog!

    1. Thank you very much! I love your blog, too :)